How to cry magic, too: The seven best ways to cry spells

It’s been more than a decade since the popular TV show The Bachelor went off the air, and while the show is gone, many of the popular cries are still around.

These seven crying spells have become staples of popular culture, even as they’ve gotten older.


‘Weeping’ ‘Weep’ is a cry that can be used as a sign of sadness, as in, ‘I just want to cry.’

It can also be used to mean ‘I need you,’ and is sometimes used as an excuse to get upset.

You can hear the sound of tears hitting the roof of your mouth, or it can also sound like someone is crying.


‘Laughing’ ‘Laughter’ is also a cry, and can be made with any combination of words and sounds.

It can be a sign that you’re having a good day, or an expression of how you feel about something.

The sound of laughter can also indicate a person is happy, or in a bad mood.


‘Angry’ ‘Anger’ is used to indicate sadness, but it’s not used to convey anger.

It’s used when a person has been hurt, or has something they want to get angry about.

It is often used in a way that makes you feel sad, such as saying ‘I want to hurt you.’


‘Sad’ ‘Sadness’ is an emotion that can indicate a sense of anger or sadness.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is angry, but when a parent or caregiver is upset by something, they can often feel sad.

When a person feels sad, they usually use words like ‘meh,’ ‘sad,’ or ‘mean.’


‘Harmless’ ‘Harsh’ is often called a ‘negative’ cry.

It may mean that a person doesn’t want to talk about something, or that they are upset about something that doesn’t concern them.


‘Stressed’ ‘Stress’ can also mean that someone is stressed.

It sounds like a cry for joy, and it can be accompanied by a laugh.


‘Crying’ ‘Cried’ is another way to express sadness.

People can make a cry by saying “I cry,” and it sounds like someone crying.

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