How to build a spell list for 5e Dungeons and Dragons

By now, most players have already made a few character creation decisions, such as choosing a class, choosing a race, choosing feats, or selecting a magic item.

But there are still some questions you may have about the game.

How many spells do you need?

How much are you using up?

If you’re wondering, there’s a handy cheat sheet here that lets you determine the number of spells needed for your character.

The 5e Spell List is a great resource for you, but it’s also a great place to get the game ready.

Here’s how to create your own, easy-to-understand spell list.

You can also get the list from Polygon and get the PDF for free.


The Character Sheet (PDF) The Character Sheet is the basic template for your characters.

You’ll need a blank sheet of paper and a pencil.

Start by creating a blank character sheet.

Fill it out with all the information about yourself, your background, your character’s class, spells, and feats.

(Some feats are listed on the sheet.)

For example, you may want to make a barbarian character.

Then, add the feats, spells and abilities listed on your character sheet to make that character.2.

Character Sheet Template (PDF, 16 pages) This template is a quick, simple way to build your character out.

You may choose a background, a race (including its subclasses), and a class (including your favored class).

You’ll also fill out the feats and spells listed on this sheet.

You also need to fill out all the abilities listed.3.

Character Template (Word) or Template (Print) (PDF file)This template will be your main source of character information.

Use this template when you create your character and make a decision about which classes, races, and classes to add to your character, or when you decide on which spells to use.4.

Character’s Handbook (PDF download)This is a free PDF of character sheets that you can download and print out.

The PDF file contains all the character creation information, including the list of spells you need, how many spells you have, and other important information.5.

Player’s Handbook template (PDF to Word) (Word file download)The Player’s Guide is your go-to reference book for character creation.

This is a good source of information about spells, class skills, feats, and abilities.


Player Template (Text file download, 200 pages)This free PDF file includes all the spells you’ll need to make your character a 5th-level character, including spells that are listed in the Player’s guide.7.

Character Name Generator (PDF for Windows and Mac OS X)This handy tool can generate names for your PCs based on their background, class, and skills.

You will need a name generator, but you can use the name generator for your own character.8.

Player Character Template for Windows (PDF document, 1.5MB)This downloadable PDF template will create a character for you and a friend for use in your game.

You won’t need a save file for this character, but the character will be created using your character sheets, so the template will include all the relevant information.

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