How to use the Wizard spells 5E: spells 5: wand casting wizard spells

A wizard spell has a list of “spells” that can be used to cast it.

There are three types of wizard spells, and each type can be cast with a single spell slot, and a different number of slots.

In order to cast a wizard spell, the wizard must first learn one of the three spells from the wizard’s spell list.

A wizard can only cast one wizard spell per day.

If a wizard doesn’t have enough slots in his spell list to cast one of his wizard spells for that day, he will instead cast a random spell from the same list, which can be any spell that is not from his spell pool.

Wizard spells are cast as part of a spellcasting action.

Once a wizard has cast a spell, that spell is still in effect and will continue to do so until the spell ends.

At the end of a long rest, a wizard can cast a new wizard spell that he has learned from his wizard spell list and it must be one of those wizard spells he has already learned from the spell list or one of these wizard spells that the character already knows.

To learn a new spell, a character must spend a spell slot.

If the character is not at least 9th level, the character can choose to spend a different spell slot to learn the spell from his other spellcasting class.

The wizard spells a character has learned in this way are the “wand spells.”

A wizard has three wand slots, and he can use a wand to cast any spell on the wizard spell casting list as long as the spell slot is occupied.

A spell slot that is occupied will be lost if the character uses another spell to cast the spell.

A wand can be enchanted with the appropriate magical item to add or remove spells to or from it.

Wand spells are treated as a cantrip for purposes of overcoming spell resistance, and the caster can choose a spell of the same level or lower as the desired spell slot for casting that spell.

Each wand has a casting time and casting point.

The casting time is equal to the number of spell slots in the wand, rounded down.

The caster must complete a long or a short rest before he can cast the desired number of spells from a wand.

When a spell is cast, the caster must make a Wisdom saving throw.

If he fails, the spell is cantripped.

If, on a successful save, the casting of the spell allows the caster to cast another spell of a higher level, that caster can cast that spell at the same time.

If this happens, the previous spell is not cantriped.

A successful saving throw against a cantrips spell allows for the casting to continue, and casting a second spell of higher level than the first is impossible.

Cantrips are not spells of a level higher than the caster’s spellcasting level.

The spell that was cast cannot be repeated, but it can be repeated as a swift action.

When the casting ends, the wand is lost, and all of its spells are removed from the wand.

Spells cast from a wizard’s wand are usable only for their caster level.

Spells can be dispelled as a free action, but only with the caster casting the spell again.

Spells that can only be disarmed are not dispelled.

If one of a character’s spells has a somatic component, the duration of the somatic effect is halved.

This includes effects that cause an opponent to be staggered or immobilized.

Spells with somatic components that have no somatic duration are still dispelled normally, but their duration is reduced by 1 round (rounded down).

Spells with no somatical component cannot be disdained, and they can only affect creatures of a specific type (see the section on spell types in the PHB).

Disabling a spell can have a cumulative effect.

If multiple spells are dispelled, the highest-level spell in each dispelled list can be dismissed as a reaction.

Disabling two or more spells in a single round requires a DC 20 Will save.

If successful, the first spell is dismissed, the second is dispelled and the spell cannot be cast again until a later time.

Dispelling a spell that has a duration of 1 minute or more does not dispel the spell completely.

Instead, the spells that were dispelled are removed and the spells are no longer dispelled for the duration.

Disenchantment When a character disenchants a spell or ability, he can choose any one spell from that spell list, but if that spell has an enhancement, he must choose one from the list that is greater than the spell’s enhancement bonus.

If an enhancement is a spell with a duration that cannot be reduced or negated, it is removed from effect.

The highest-rated spell in the list is discarded and no further spell can be added to the list.

For example, if a spell has the enhancement “Goblin Fire,” and the highest rated spell in that

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